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Chapter 32. Flexible AC Transmission Sys... > 32.5.Voltage Source Converter (VSC)-... - Pg. 873

32 Flexible AC Transmission Systems 873 whereas one converter has to control the dc link voltage. Any- way, all n converters can control reactive power freely. For instance, this concept allows the control of the power flow in n lines and it is possible to transfer active power from one line to another to balance power flow in n parallel transmission lines. Convertible Static Converter Following the IPFC, a more generic concept is the convert- ible static converter (CSC) [44, 45], which is based on the connection of a voltage source converter in various different topologies. Considering one simple case of two transmission lines and two converters with apparent power each equals to S, it is possible to have the following topologies: · · · V S V c FIGURE 32.40 Phasor diagram for a system with a UPFC. · with the difference that in this case, it may control active and reactive power. Naturally, the active power control in the series Two converters connected in shunt operating as a STAT- COM rated at 2S apparent power; Two converters connected in series with one transmission line forming an SSSC with 2S apparent power; One converter connected in shunt and the other in series forming a UPFC; One converter connected in series with one line and the other connected in series with the other line forming an IPFC. Other topologies are possible depending on how the con-