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References > References - Pg. 133

8 MOS Controlled Thyristors (MCTs) 133 18. H.-R. Chang and A. V. Radun, "Performance of 500 V, 450 A Parallel MOS Controlled Thyristors (MCTs) in a res- onant dc-link circuit," Proc. IEEE IAS Annual Meeting 1990, pp. 1613­1617. 19. M. E. Elbuluk, D. S. Zinger, and T. Lee, "Performance of MCT's in a current-regulated ac/ac PDM converter," IEEE Trans. Power Electro nics 11:1, 49­56 (January 1996). 16. R. W. A. A. De Doncker, T. M. Jahns, A. V. Radun, D. L. Waltrus, and V. A. K. Temple, "Characteristics of MOS-Controlled Thyristors under zero voltage soft-switching conditions," IEEE Trans. Industry Applications 28:2, 387­394 (March/April 1992). 17. A. Dmowski, R. Bugyi, and P. Szewczyk, "Design of a buck converter with zero-current turn-off MCT," Proc. IEEE IAS Annual Meeting 1994, pp. 1025­1030.