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Chapter 5: Consistency > Consistency in Pervasive Information Architecture - Pg. 126

104 Chapter 5: Consistency the former being core and necessary, with the latter being somewhat more peripheral and unessential. For example, you can easily have elephants with- out their tusks, but not without their trunks. Trunks embody a large part of their elephantness. Similarly, Laurel's elements of truckness were overridden by the color pink, which was considered by their teen sample to be a primary characteristic for girly stuff as much as diaryness, no matter how many macho- man bullet holes they drove through it. ConsistenCy in pervasive information arChiteCtUre I have registered the arbitrarities of Wilkins, of the unknown (or false) Chinese encyclopaedia writer and of the Bibliographic Institute of Brussels; it is clear that there is no classification of the Universe not being arbitrary and full of conjectures. (Borges 1972) Whatever our stance on classification, classical, prototypical, empirical, or