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Chapter 7: Reduction > Reduction in Pervasive Information Architecture - Pg. 175

Reduction in Pervasive Information Architecture 153 and, obviously, a + 3b < 2a + 4b, as a and b are positive nonzero constants, established empirically. Their typical values for theoretical calculations are a = 50 and b = 150. We discuss some of the implications of this more in depth later; for the time being, we just note that Hick's law tells us that reaction time depends not just on the number of choices but also on the way these choices are presented to users. Or: the way by which we organize items within an infor- mation space strongly affects the way people interact with them. reduCtion in pervasive information arChiteCture Anderson's economy of niches does not presuppose an infinite global availability of choices for all, but a wider range of options in specific fields--the niches--in which individuals could not previously have them as these were isolated from the larger mainstream markets. (Dini 2006). It's more choices then, but only in the niche or domain we are interested in.