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Chapter 8: Correlation > Metanarrative - Pg. 203

Metanarrative 181 wrought his proper doom;/And turn we to the damsel he betrayed,/Who had nigh found at once her death and tomb" (Canto 3, VI). Whatever method we choose, we will find out quickly that the Frenzy's apparent chaos is really an incredibly fine-tuned mechanism, where the madness of Orlando works as a cen- tral element that divides the entire epic in two symmetrical sections (Figure 8.8) and where the various ligatures either separate closely related elements or correlate totally separate ones. metanarrative He breaks off narrations verie abruptly so as indeed a loose inattentive reader will hardly carrie away any part of the storie. 6 On July 4, 1969, at the Festival dei Due Mondi in Spoleto (Italy), one of the largest theatrical events in Italy and Europe, Luca Ronconi debuted his ver- FIGURE 8.8 Entrelacement in the Frenzy: the madness of Orlando neatly divides the work in two symmetrical