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Chapter 9: Designing Cross-channel User ... > Bringing It All Back Home - Pg. 223

Bringing It All Back Home 201 as public building and domestic spaces boast image-bearing glass skins, as large-screen television are big enough and fat enough to substitute for real windows, as "windows" within our computer screens stream images from multiple sources, as virtual reality technologies expand from the gaming world into entertainment or daily services, the "virtual window" has become a ubiquitous portal--a "wormhole"--of pasts and futures. . . . As films like ExistenZ, The Matrix, and Strange Days predict, the screen may dissolve. (Friedberg 2006, pp. 242, 244). BrINgINg It all BaCk hOMe We have come full circle. We started out saying with Andrew Hinton that the real breakthrough was the networked hyperlink, and now the hyperlink has taken us out of Flatland. So, let us be clear: there is no single useful way to describe how to go about the nuts and bolts of actually building a ubiquitous ecology. There is no how to