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Foreword - Pg. 12

Foreword I knew the Internet before it got famous. There were places but no paths, no maps, no search engines. Entry required a key in the form of an IP address and an incantation in the language of UNIX. It was a small world that felt big because it was so easy to get lost in the shadowy realm of texts and data, com- pletely devoid of color. And yet, the Internet in the early 1990s was a friendly place because it was also made up of people who served as mentors and guides, helping one another find their way. This pioneering community of geeks and wizards, teachers and students, scientists and librarians was radically global and breathtaking in its diversity, and yet there was one thing we all held in common: a fervent belief that the Internet was about to change the world. Now I've got that feeling once again. But this time there's no single protocol