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Index - Pg. 661

Index Note: Page numbers followed by b indicate boxes, f indicate figures and t indicate tables. A AADMER, see ASEAN Agreement on Disaster Management and Emergency Respose Academia disaster management institutions, 544­547 in NGO operations, 509­510 WHO collaborations, 577­578 Access issues camp site routes, 328 camp sites, 326 preparedness obstacles, 286­287 Aceh Tsunami, 193, 403, 434b, 496­502, 573­574, 597­598 Action Against Hunger, 534 Actionaid, 534 Action messages, earthquake public education, 297­298 Active Learning Network for Accountability and Performance in Humanitarian Action, 506 Adaptation Animal epidemics, characteristics, 85­86 Anthropomorphic desertification, 63 AORs, see Areas of responsibility APELL, see Awareness and Preparedness for Emergencies at a Local Level Apparatus needs, fire departments, 428 Areas of responsibility (AORs), U.S. military, 468­473 Armed forces, see Military forces ASEAN Agreement on Disaster Management and Emergency Response (AADMER), 270b Asian Development Bank (ADB) duties, 616­621 recovery coordination, 384 Wenchuan Earthquake loans, 619 Asian tsunami, 193, 403, 434b, 496­502, 508, 573­574, 590­594, 597­598, 597b, 600f, 651­653 Assaults post-disaster response, 337­338