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Chapter 4. Bayesian Games > 4.3 Application to Power Control Games - Pg. 121

4.3 Application to Power Control Games 121 From this matrix, it is easily seen that the game has two pure Bayesian equilibria: 1. s (C) = ( LTE , LTE ), s (NC) = ( WiMax , WiMax ); 2. s (C) = ( LTE , WiMax ), s (NC) = ( LTE , WiMax ). 4.3 APPLICATION TO POWER CONTROL GAMES 4.3.1 Bayesian Energy-Efficient Power Control Games We consider a multiple access channel with K transmitters, one receiver, and flat block fading links. The received signal can be written: K y = j=1 h j x j + z (4.6) where h j is is the channel gain for user j, x j is the signal transmitted by user j, and zN(0, 2 ) is an additive white Gaussian noise. For each block, each transmitter tunes his power level to maximize his energy-efficiency: