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Acknowledgments - Pg. xiii

Acknowledgments Many thanks to Elisa Miller, Lynda Finn, Michael Rawlins, Barbara Millet, Peter Kennedy, John Romadka and Arun Martin for their thoughtful reviews of various draft chapters of this book. We deeply appreciate their time and helpful comments. *** This book represents 10 years of research, re-sampling and reading dozens of journal articles from many disciplines to help answer questions in an exciting field. Through the process not only am I satisfied with the answers I've found but also with what I've learned and the people whom I've met, most notably my co-author Jim Lewis. Thank you to my family for the patience and encouragement through the process. Jeff Writing a book takes a big chunk out of your life. I am fortunate to have a family that puts up with my obsessions. I thank my wife, Cathy, for her patience and loving support. To my sons, Michael and Patrick ­ it's safe to stick your heads in the office again. Jim