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Introduction > Advantages of Standardized Usability Questionnaires - Pg. 185

CHAPTER Standardized Usability Questionnaires INTRODUCTION What Is a Standardized Questionnaire? 8 A questionnaire is a form designed to obtain information from respondents. The items in a question- naire can be open-ended questions, but are more typically multiple choice, with respondents selecting from a set of alternatives (e.g., "Please select the type of car you usually drive") or points on a rating scale (e.g., "On a scale of 1 to 5, how satisfied were you with your recent stay at our hotel?"). This chapter does not provide comprehensive coverage of the techniques for designing ad-hoc or special- purpose questionnaires. For information about those techniques, see references such as Parasuraman (1986), Kuniavsky (2003), Courage and Baxter (2005), Brace (2008), Tullis and Albert (2008), or Azzara (2010). The primary focus of this chapter is to describe current standardized questionnaires designed to