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Discordant Pairs > Discordant Pairs - Pg. 86

86 CHAPTER 5 Is There a Statistical Difference between Designs? Table 5.11 Concordant and Discordant Responses for Example 1 Design B Pass Design A Pass Design A Fail Total 7 (a) 1 (c) 8 (r) Design B Fail 6 (b) 1 (d) 7 (s) Total 13 (m) 2 (n) 15 (N) Concordant Pairs · · Seven users completed the task on both designs (cell a). One user failed on Design A and failed on Design B (cell d). Discordant Pairs · · Six users passed on Design A but failed on Design B (cell b). One user failed on Design A and passed on Design B (cell c). Table 5.12 shows the discordant users along with a sign (positive or negative) to indicate