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6.2.1. Choice of words in a term > Synonyms - Pg. 155

134 CHAPTER 6 Fact models In any Land Registry, the term property has a specific meaning to do with real estate. On acquiring a software tool that used the term property for something quite different, a new term was agreed on for the new concept, and the tool was customized to replace the term property with the new term on all screens. As I previously observed in Section in Chapter 1, service had at least six different meanings in one airline, so it was necessary to create one or more different terms for each meaning by (in most cases) prefixing service by a suitable noun or adjective: for example, meal service, customer service, maintenance service. Another source of homonyms is the common practice in some organizations to use the same term for a type of event and the document raised to record events of that type: for example, license appli- cation. It may be appropriate to create a new term for the document, such as license application doc- ument, but this may not be acceptable. Yet another rich source of homonyms is the names of countries and states, each of which can be used to refer either to an area of land or to a legal entity: for example, Australia is both a landmass and a country that can participate in international activities of various kinds. One way to distinguish the al- ternative meanings is to use the full name of the legal entity: for example, Commonwealth of Australia, State of Victoria, and the short name (Australia, Victoria) only for the area of land. Synonyms