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8.1. Rule discovery > 8.1.1. Sources of rules - Pg. 226

CHAPTER An end-to-end rule management methodology 8 This chapter describes a complete end-to-end rule writing, documentation, and management methodology, with examples drawn from some typical business scenarios. Effective establishment and ongoing management of an organization's rule book involves the following phases: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. discovery: finding out what rules govern the organization (discussed in Section 8.1); analysis: establishing what each rule actually involves (discussed in Section 8.2); developing the rule statement vocabulary as necessary (discussed in Section 8.3); documentation: recording each rule statement with appropriate metadata (discussed in Section 8.4); quality assurance: establishing that each rule statement is correct (discussed in Section 8.5); publication: making all rule statements available to all stakeholders (discussed in Section 8.6); implementation: creating new system components (or modifying existing components) to ensure that all data and automated processes comply with all relevant rules; 8. ongoing maintenance of the vocabulary and rule statements (discussed in Section 8.7).