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274 CHAPTER 9 Rule statement templates and subtemplates b. if < subform term> is included, a fact type of the form `<transaction term> specifies < data item term> {in | for} <subform term>', or `<transaction term> specifies < data type> as < data item term> {in | for} <subform term>', for each data item term in the list of data item terms, where < transaction term> signifies the transaction; 2. at least one fact type for each qualifying clause (if any), including any within the transaction sig- nifier, as described in Section 7.4.1 in Chapter 7: for example, F259, F260, and F261; 3. at least one fact type for the conditional clause (if any), as also described in Section 7.4.1. F257. F258. F259. F260. F261. online order specifies reward program online order specifies reward membership number reward program is recognized by vendor reward membership number is recognized by vendor online order is placed with vendor Range rules A range rule requires that the content of a data item be a value within a particular inclusive or exclusive single- or double-bounded range: for example,