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Chapter 8: An end-to-end rule management... > 8.3. Developing the rule statement v... - Pg. 248

8.3 Developing the rule statement vocabulary 227 R319. The full name specified for each transferor in each transfer instrument must be the same as the full name of one of the registered proprietors specified in the land title that is registered in the real property register and is identified by one of the land title references specified in that transfer instrument. By a similar process we can do the same for Rule 3, reproduced again here for convenience. 3. "The Monetary Consideration (if any) specified in a Transfer Instrument must agree with the Purchase Price (if any) specified in the Notice of Sale Report (if any) that a. is contained in the Lodgment Case that contains that Transfer Instrument; and b. is associated with that Transfer Instrument." R320. The monetary consideration (if any) specified in each transfer instrument must be the same as the purchase price (if any)