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Public Utility Regulatory Policy Act of ... > Public Utility Regulatory Policy Act... - Pg. 66

66 CHAPTER | 3 U.S. Electric Markets, Structure, and Regulations The FERC was heavily involved in the California electricity crisis and has collected over $6.3 billion from California electric market participants by facil- itating settlements. It also investigated allegations of electricity market manipu- lation by Enron and others in the electric markets. More recently it has promoted voluntary formation of the RTOs and ISOs to facilitate access to the grid and supported the repeal of PUHCA and enactment of the Public Utility Holding Company Act of 2005. National Energy Conservation Policy Act of 1978 The National Energy Conservation Policy Act of 1978 was a comprehensive energy statute composed of five separate but intertwined public laws dealing with energy conservation (National Energy Conservation Policy Act), coal con- version (Power Plant and Industrial Fuel Use Act), public utility rates (Public Utility Regulatory Policy Act), natural gas pricing (Natural Gas Policy Act), and a series of taxes (Energy Tax Act) designed to discourage energy consump- tion and to accelerate the transition to alternative fuels. The main purposes of the NEA were to reduce oil imports and promote more efficient use of energy. The Power Plant and Industrial Fuel Use Act specifically restricted the con- struction of power plants fueled by natural gas or petroleum and promoted