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14.13 Questions > 14.13 Questions - Pg. 368

368 CHAPTER 14 Modeling Cross-Cutting Relationships with Allocations 3. Is the allocate relationship appropriate to use when allocating requirements? 4. List and describe three uses of the allocate relationship in SysML. 5. For each of the following kinds of diagrams, indicate whether they are diagrams of usage or diagrams of definition: a. activity diagram b. block definition diagram c. internal block diagram d. parametric diagram 6. For each of the following allocation relationships, indicate whether they are allocation of definition or allocation of usage: a. action on activity diagram to part on internal block diagram b. activity to block c. object flow to connector d. activity parameter node to flow specification 7. What is the significance of choosing an allocation of definition instead of an allocation of usage? 8. Should an object flow ever be allocated to a block? Explain your answer. 9. Should an activity ever be allocated to a part? A connector to a block? Explain your answers. 10. Describe what is being allocated in Figure 14.20, and its significance. Discussion Topics What is the purpose of allocation? What role does it play in system development? How can good or poor allocation impact the overall quality of the system design? Describe an appropriate next step after completing functional allocation. Which mechanisms are available to implement functionality in blocks?