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Chapter 15 - Customizing SysML for Speci... > 15.6 Applying Stereotypes when Build... - Pg. 382

382 CHAPTER 15 Customizing SysML for Specific Domains The SysML profile has been defined to be applied strictly, but this restriction can be removed to use additional software-related concepts from the UML metamodel if supported by a well­thought out systems and software development methodology. The notation for applying a profile to a user model or subpackage is a dashed arrow, labeled with the keyword «apply» , whose head points toward the profile that is applied. Figure 15.9 shows a package diagram that contains the Physical Elements model library. Physical Elements applies the Simulations profile so that elements within it can have simulation extensions applied. Note that the Simulations profile is applied strictly, which means that only metaclasses from its reference metamodel (via its import of SysML shown on Figure 15.8) can be used in the Physical Elements model library. Physical Elements also imports a model library called Flow Simulation Elements so that it can use the simulation elements it contains. 15.6 APPLYING STEREOTYPES WHEN BUILDING A MODEL Once a user model has a profile applied to it, the stereotypes from the profile may be applied to model elements within that user model. How stereotypes are used depends on whether the intended purpose of the profile is a domain-specific language, or as a source of ancillary data and rules to support