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Chapter 4 - An Automobile Example Using ... > 4.2 Automobile Example Overview - Pg. 51

CHAPTER An Automobile Example Using the SysML Basic Feature Set 4 This book can be used to prepare for SysML certification. The SysML certification program is called the OMG Certified Systems Modeling Professional (OCSMP) [34]. The OCSMP has four levels of certification. The first two levels of certification cover what is referred to as the basic feature set of SysML. The third level covers the full feature set, and the fourth level covers additional modeling concepts that extend beyond SysML. This chapter introduces the basic feature set of SysML, which applies to all nine SysML diagrams and represents an expanded subset of the language features from what was informally introduced as SysML-Lite in the previous chapter. The basic feature set is applied to the system design of an automobile similar to the one that was introduced in Chapter 1, Section 1.3. The automobile example also includes references to more detailed descriptions of the diagrams and language concepts that are addressed in the chapters in Part II, which covers both the basic feature set and the full feature set. This chapter can be used to gain an initial understanding of the basic feature set, but one should study Part II for a more detailed under- standing of both the basic and full feature set.