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CHAPTER 7 Nurturing the Team > Leveraging Morale Events (Fun with a Purpose) - Pg. 215

Leveraging Morale Events (Fun with a Purpose) 215 LeverAgINg MOrALe eveNtS (FUN WIth A pUrpOSe) Michael Wiklund (1994), in his book Usability in Practice: How Companies Develop User-Friendly Products, does an excellent job of describing one of the key challenges managers face. . . . there are ever-present threats to our good time. the fun drains away rapidly when usability specialists have to fight for respect, opportunity, and resources to do the job their employers hired them to do. Many usability specialists complain about the incessant need to sell usability, as if one were peddling snake oil. they also get frustrated when their role on a design effort is reduced to polishing up nearly finished designs, rather than getting involved earlier on when major user interface decisions are made. Also many usability groups seem chronically understaffed and underfunded, which makes everything more of a struggle. hence usability specialists end up performing triage on the product line -- helping the most needy products that are likely to make it to market, rather than aspiring to design excellence across the board. (p. 19)