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10.4 Membership systems > 10.4.4 Consensus-Building Process - Pg. 244

membership Systems 221 Successive iterations will be continued throughout the network until all active members can have a chance to participate in the design process and make a commitment to its implementation. The realization of this network (Figure 10.3) requires an effective man- agement and support system responsible for such critical complementary services as · Collectingandfeedingrelevantissuesandbackgroundmaterials · Providing logistics, scheduling meetings, and keeping members informed of upcoming events and agendas · Taking,recording,andfollowingupontheminutesofthemeetings · Facilitatingtheprocessesandmakingsurethatparticipantsunderstand the protocols and implications of their assigned roles 10.4.4 Consensus-Building process Creation of a platform for participation, although necessary, is not suffi- cient for proper bonding of the membership. To enhance the bonding process, we strongly recommend that a new approach based on the Oneida Nation's traditional means of consensus building, which so serendipi-