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11.5 Care System > 11.5.3 Common Features - Pg. 276

Care System · 253 Be a decentralized and regionalized community-oriented health delivery system in order to be able to develop rapid and differential responses to its existing and potential communities with different health-related needs · Keep all its options open and remain agile and flexible enough so it can take advantage of the emerging opportunities in the rapidly changing and unpredictable health-care environment · Benchmark its performance against relevant state-of-the-art crite- riabymakingsurethat(1)thehealth-relatedaspectofthehealth deliverysystem(HDS)istargetedatthebestperformancewithin the industry and (2) the support services, such as the adminis- trative services, hospitality and facility management, and infor- mation systems, are targeted at the best performance outside the industry · Achieve an order-of-magnitude improvement in the cost-effectiveness of operating facilities by redesigning the throughput system · Adopt and operationalize a new social calculus to encourage iden- tification and elimination of waste and value-chain transaction and capacity utilization