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5.2 Systems dimensions > 5.2.3 Generation and Dissemination of Beauty: Social I... - Pg. 124

Systems Dimensions 101 Degree of Freedom: Decision criteria should leave a healthy degree of freedom for the decision maker. They should be specific enough to ensure consistency of action, as well as constancy of purpose and direc- tion. At the same time, they should be broad enough to avoid straight- jacketing by allowing room for flexibility and learning. Degrees of freedom grant choice to the decision maker. Consistency: Decision criteria should be internally consistent so that they do not create structural conflicts by introducing contradictory per- formance criteria. Examples include conflicts between input-based com- pensation and output-oriented performance or between cost centers (such as production units) and revenue centers (such as sales units). Explicitness: Criteria to guide policy decisions ought to be explicit. They should reveal the assumptions on which the policies are made and spell out the expected outcome. The expectations should reflect at least these three areas: financial (financial performance), people (human system), and customer (quality of output). Consensus: Effectiveness of any decision depends on the degree of consensus generated for it. The understanding and consensus reached in adopting a particular policy decision determine the level of collec-