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8.3 Telling the Story > 8.3.4 The Non-Competitive Culture - Pg. 194

Telling the Story 171 The cost plus system is terminally ill. The customer base resents it, and the political machine will surely demand its demise. While the future model for rate regulation and the industry as a whole has yet to be designed, it is clear that a new industry leader or set of standards will emerge for oth- ers to follow. Any new performance standards will probably draw heavily from the competitive model and will, at least initially, favor cost efficiency initiatives and reward creative entrepreneurial efforts. 8.3.4 The non-Competitive Culture The organizational culture of XYZ, influenced by a cost plus regulatory environment,ischaracterizedbythefollowingattributes: · Non-competitivelyregulatedenvironmentconducivetopeacefulcoex- istence of peers · Mutualrespectofplayersforwell-establishedandsacrosanctterritories · A mainstream tendency to comply with the law of averages; a bias toward being similar and non-threatening among like-minded peers as opposed to being differentiated and distinct from the other utilities · A time-honored respect for such communal values as stability, har- mony, and camaraderie over competency