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Chapter 10: The Oneida Nation > 10.9 Judicial system - Pg. 263

240 The Oneida Nation 10.9 JuDiCiaL system The two basic functions of an Oneida judicial system are as follows: · Consummationofthenationalsovereignty;theabilitytointerpretand modify the constitution and to ensure equal protection of members under the law · Creationofanindependentandlegitimatechannelforconflictreso- lution and redress of grievances, thus relieving the government from becoming diverted by concerns that are basically judicial in nature 10.9.1 Contextual analysis Designing an effective judicial system for the Oneida Nation requires that the unique characteristics of the system in which it is intended to operate be fully understood, explicitly stated, and widely agreed upon. This under- standing is essential to clarify such questions as · Whyaseparatejudicialsystemisneeded · Howitwillrelatetotheexistingorder · Whatthemainsourceandnatureofdifferentconflictsare That the Oneida Nation is a unique social system should not be so difficult to understand. The relationship between the Oneidas and their government