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11.3 The Architecture > 11.3 The Architecture - Pg. 272

The Architecture 249 11.3 the arChIteCture Thesystemsarchitecture(Figure 11.1) identifies the value chain, the criti- cal dimensions of the health-care system, and the way it relates users to providers in the health-care system. In order to create an architecture that will realize the expectations and desires of Butterworth's stakeholders, the designers recognized the necessity of employing a multidimensional scheme. Such an architecture is intended not only to dissolve the existing "mess" but also to transcend it by developing a vision of the next genera- tion of a health-care system. The architecture represents a platform from which Butterworth's dis- tinctive value chain will evolve. The value chain identifies all of the ele- ments of the health-care system and their relationships along a market dimension(accessandcaresystems),anoutputdimension(healthdeliv- ery modules), and an input dimension (core knowledge and shared services). This multidimensional framework not only helps the designers understand and differentiate each component of the system, but also establishes the components' relationships in such a way that an inte- grated and cohesive whole can emerge. Design and incorporation of