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Chapter 13: Commonwealth Energy System > 13.1 Stakeholders' Expectations - Pg. 315

292 Commonwealth Energy System Murphy, Sr., Forecast Analyst, COM/Energy; Bernard Peloquin, Manager, Benefits, COM/Energy; and Ronald O'Brien, Manager, Marketing & Conservation, COM/Gas. Their report, because of its confidential nature, is not reproduced here. Consultants were Jamshid Gharajedaghi and Bijan Korram, INTERACT; and Dr. Thomas Lee and Toby Woll, Center for Quality Management (CQM). The designers believe that the resulting design, presented here, is an expression of the expectations, aspirations, and preferences of all stake holders. The design focuses on dissolving the mess and creating a desired future. 13.1 StakeholderS' expeCtationS A stakeholder of a system is an individual or a group that is directly affected by the performance of the system and can have an influence in creating its future. Below is a summary of what the design team feels are the expecta tions of COM/Energy's stakeholders and some implications of these expectations (Figure 13.1).