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Chapter 13: Commonwealth Energy System > 13.9 Executive Office - Pg. 334

Executive Office 311 The service company will divorce all activities that involve providing COM/Energy with corporate control, monitoring, and auditing functions. Like any other customer, however, the corporate office of COM/Energy System may buy services from the service company. 13.8.2 Financial Systems Financial systems will play a critical role in realizing the value chain. It will act as the system's in house investment center, and provide the businesses with the vital seed money and initial leverage that they need to achieve viability. It will effectively serve the capital and the cash flow needs of all the business units. Leveraging COM/Energy's financial resources, financial systems will continue to develop relations with bankers and other institu tions to reinforce the system's financial capacity in launching new projects and/or expanding the existing ones to further realize the potential of the value chain. 13.9 exeCUtive oFFiCe Aside from the two core businesses that are already mature and well estab