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Chapter 8: Formulating the Mess > 8.4 The Present Mess - Pg. 200

The Present Mess 177 8.4 The pReSenT MeSS 8.4.1 Drivers Defining the Behavior of the present State of the economy Discussionoftheformulationofthemesswouldnotbecompletewithout at least partially dealing with the critical drivers that define the behavior of today's economy. The following interactive models represent an attempt to capture the interdependencies among the major drivers and demonstrate thenatureofthecomplexitiescharacterizingtheemergingcurrentmess. 8.4.2 how the game is evolving The first formulation (Figure 8.6) captures the dynamic interactions among four critical issues: · Globalization · Stockmarketcapitalism · Agingpopulation · Realitiesofsocioculturalsystems The model demonstrates why design thinking is rapidly becoming the basis for executive education. The scheme not only deals with the impact and