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Especially for Managers take this to a higher level, too. On call-back interviews, ask a question again that stumped them the first time to see if they were interested enough to figure out the answer. 251 PEOPLE SKILLS Is there a job out there that requires zero contact with other human beings? I doubt it. The best engineering teams get along well, which is why I value peo- ple skills significantly. How do you handle pressure? Can you get along with people you don't care for? This is a fairly tough item to evaluate in an interview. I invite my leads to fire questions at the candidate and watch how he or she responds under pressure. ATTITUDE/MOTIVATION A positive attitude always impresses me. I quote my father: "Can't is a sucker too lazy 15 to try." I think it is important to believe that something can be done. Look for signs of giving up on a problem. Is the candidate persistent? Does he or she complain during the interview? Does he moan about his last job? I have seen all types. Whiners don't get hired.