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Convection > Convection - Pg. 79

Power and Heat Management conductors around, is also one of the best heat conductors. Thought of in these terms, the heat sink conducts heat away from the part. Like the fact that current always flows in one direction, heat always flows from hot to cold. There are a couple of ways for this to happen, as we will see now. 79 Radiation Once the heat sink is warm, it will emit infrared radiation; as this energy is radiated away, the heat sink will cool. Have you ever wondered why so many heat sinks are black? This is because the color black 14 is an efficient radiator, as this color tends to absorb more infrared radiation (as you probably have noticed if you have ever worn a black shirt on a sunny day). It will radiate this heat away as well, as long as the part is in a cooler environment and the sun isn't shining on it! Although radiation is a way of getting heat moving away from your part, in most electronic devices today there are much better ways to get rid of heat. Convection The best way to get rid of heat is by moving some air across your heat sink. This is called convection. There are two ways to achieve convection: one is by placing