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DR Participation Going Forward: Current ... > Customer Baseline Calculation Revisi... - Pg. 450

450 PART | IV Case Studies & Applications rather than as a supply resource, which is the current paradigm. 36 PRD is not meant to replace DR participation as it currently exists, but is envisioned as pro- viding yet another option for participants on the demand side of PJM's markets that will better integrate the wholesale and retail markets without infringing on the jurisdictional authority of the states and others over the retail side of the market. Although PRD is the next generation of demand-side participation, DR par- ticipation in its current form has become a fixed and necessary piece of PJM's markets. Out of necessity or as a natural evolution of DR participation, there are refinements that are currently under consideration and issues that continually arise that may alter how DR participates in PJM's markets. These range from refinements to calculating customer baselines for settlements in the PJM Energy Market to defining additional DR capacity products based on the ability to respond more frequently in more seasons of the year to the compensation paid to DR in the PJM Energy Market. Customer Baseline Calculation Revisited Among the issues addressed by the Load Management Task Force in 2010 was the need for greater clarity in measuring and verifying compliance by