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DR Participation in the Energy Market (D... > Emergency DR Participation in the En... - Pg. 442

442 PART | IV Case Studies & Applications Total registered MWs in PJM's economic demand response 3,500 3,000 2,500 2,000 MW 1,500 1,000 500 0 *Dataas of the first day of each month. Mar-06 Apr-06 May-06 Jun-06 Jul-06 Aug-06 Sep-06 Oct-06 Nov-06 Dec-06 Jan-07 Feb-07 Mar-07 Apr-07 May-07 Jun-07 Jul-07 Aug-07 Sep-07 Oct-07 Nov-07 Dec-07 Jan-08 Feb-08 Mar-08 Apr-08 May-08 Jun-08 Jul-08 Aug-08 Sep-08 Oct-08 Nov-08 Dec-08 Jan-09 Feb-09 Mar-09 Apr-09 May-09 Jun-09 Jul-09 Aug-09 Sep-09 Oct-09 Nov-09 Dec-09 Jan-10 Feb-10 Mar-10 Apr-10 May-10 Jun-10 Jul-10 Aug-10 Sep-10 Oct-10 Nov-10 Dec-10 Jan-11 Feb-11 Mar-11 Apr-11 May-11 FIGURE 17.10 MWs of DR registered to participate in PJM's energy markets. (Source: PJM) year a 1-MW DR with a retail rate 26 of $75/MWh and a willingness to reduce