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10.15 Outlier Detection Based on a Robus... > 10.15.2 R Function reglev - Pg. 521

Chapter 10 Robust Regression 521 10.15.2 R Function reglev The R function reglev(x,y,plotit=T). is provided for detecting regression outliers and leverage points using the method described in the previous section. If the ith vector of observations is a regression outlier, the function stores the value of i in the R variable reglev$regout. If x i is an outlier based on the method in Section 6.4.3, it is declared a leverage point and the function stores the value of i in reglev$levpoints. The plot created by this function can be suppressed by setting plotit=F. I Example If the reading data in the rst example of Section 10.8.1 are stored in the R variables x and y, the command reglev(x,y) returns $levpoints: [1] 8 $regout: