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136 CONTENT STRATEGY AT WORK The Twitter feed for AdoptUSKids reads like a microcosm of the broader web presence as it maintains the same voice with consistent style, diction, and tone. As editor Mandy Brown recommends, good style guides foster consistency, not uniformity, and the guidelines for AdoptUSKids echo that while encouraging efficiency. 13 Vanessa notices how the style guide streamlines the approval processes that can bog down many decentralized consortiums and nonprofits. "Previously, we were inconsistent in our use of words. One person might say `permanence,' and the next would say `permanency,'" in describing the move from a foster situation to a permanent family. "As a result, we had a cumbersome process to get things approved. Having a style guide has been instrumental in getting things through; now, there's no subjectivity." COORDINATE CHANNEL MESSAGING WITH AN EDITORIAL CALENDAR In addition to the style guide, AdoptUSKids prioritizes its social media efforts with an editorial calendar. This is a core component of the content strategy that helps the team make more efficient use of the budget. Initially, they were concerned that they didn't have a lot of good content to use in the site and the broader web presence. Vanessa conducted a high-level audit that revealed this wasn't the case. The organization had a wealth of content, but wasn't packaging or merchandising it effectively to serve their mission. " I realized we had lots of good content, just not a way to tie it together," Vanessa said. "So we came up with the idea to use monthly themes." They developed a calendar around a range of topics--the table shows just a few, and you can see how some tie to external events or themes. Month December 2011 January 2012 February 2012 March 2012 April 2012 May 2012 June 2012 National Foster Care Month National PRIDE Month African American Heritage Month External factors AdoptUSKids theme Sibling adoptions and foster placements Interjurisdictional placements Engaging African American families in adoption and foster care Family retention Working with communities of faith National Foster Care Month LGBT adoptions and foster placements 13 A Pragmatic Approach to Editorial Style (15 November 2010). events/15312017.