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Chapter 6: Improving content management ... > Cultivate a culture of governance - Pg. 129

112 CONTENT STRATEGY AT WORK content management system, she's starting to see limits to the customer experience--and missed sales opportunities. "Most of what you see right now is hard-coded. If you go to our Adventures section, you'll find lists, but they don't link to product." 10 "We have lots of really good content," she concluded. "But what's our overarching strategy? What are the content management pieces of that strategy? Much of the writing was disassociated from the UX and IA process because we only recently added those teams. We have technical writers, but the more marketing-oriented copy comes from different groups. Up until now they've had their own roadmaps, but we're working to provide connectedness and cohesion with our cross-channel communications. We have a strong brand identity, and that helps. The brick-and-mortar presence--the person in the green vest who manifests the brand--is so strong, so we're mirroring that online." This culture of content production and brand evangelism works for REI's web presence, for now. Manual content management processes, workflow, and governance expectations help ensure the technology doesn't hold back the experience too much. But consider how your own organization is growing, possibly with content that is more multifaceted than the brand or brick-and- mortar presence itself. The Federal Reserve Bank and REI both demonstrate the strength of a publishing culture, but where does technology help take it to the next level? CULTIVATE A CULTURE OF GOVERNANCE REI and the Federal Reserve Bank may not have comprehensive content management systems in the traditional sense, but they do have strong cultures of content creation. That's something Oregon Health and Science University is trying to cultivate and formalize with better governance. OHSU relaunched in February 2008, collaborating with ISITE Design around the information architecture, design, CMS specification, and technical implementation. "Content matters, but only as much as you have the resources to maintain it," said Renee McKechnie in ISITE's CMS Wisdom Report. 11 Renee is OHSU's Since we spoke, this has started to evolve. After you're done reading this section, visit and see if the content's living up to its potential or could further serve their goals--and needs of the target audience. 11 If you're in the market for a new CMS, download the report at wisdom-report/ to gird yourself with the lessons of others. There's a fine line between schadenfreude and commiseration, and content management systems always seem to make you walk that line. 10