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Chapter 8: Growing the business and gett... > Stop reading and get to work - Pg. 167

150 CONTENT STRATEGY AT WORK " The beauty of a spreadsheet is that it translates an abstract concept (how content works on a site) into something quite tangible. No one can ignore endless rows of content marked as `out of date.'" Spreadsheets, like mosquito bites, are nearly impossible to ignore. "It's a good tool to inspire (or provoke) action . . . especially if you're an internal person trying to do good but don't have the support to do it." STOP READING AND GET TO WORK Sally hits on a key point, whether you're in an agency team and feel like your client isn't hearing you or if you're in an internal team and getting lost in the shuffle of conflicting priorities: a content audit amplifies the problem. As most organizations favor resolution and order over entropy, problems demand solutions. And you can charge for that. Of course, this is bigger than just the purpose and role of a content audit. In many projects, this is the purpose and role of a content strategist. We point out the emperor's clothing calamity. We encourage others who might prefer to ignore the situation to recognize it as a problem, invest time and money and