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86 CONTENT STRATEGY AT WORK television programming that pertained to those topics, and become the foremost digital destination for information on the domain. "This was the content curation project par excellence," explained Jeffrey MacIntyre, a senior content strategist at Predicate, LLC, who contracted to HuGE for the initiative. "We needed to knit a business strategy to enterprise-level content curation for a broadcast network with untold volumes of video. It was time for them to grow up and claim what a topic-driven domain could do with engagement." 5 Many brands face the challenge of meeting users' content expectations, even when those expectations deviate from the types of content the brand normally produces. Grace Manufacturing specializes in photoetching " They're a television network that produces shows," added Erin Scime, HuGE's content strategist on the initiative. Though some people in their target audience visited the website to get additional details about their favorite television programs, the website's audience was changing. Their usage patterns and content expectations were evolving too, as they used the site to research topics in line with the network's theme, regardless of programming. "They had a lot of encyclopedic content, but it wasn't optimized for search," Erin pointed out. It also wasn't appropriate for broader topical research that transcended the television lineup of the largely theme-driven network. That issue fueled their main goal. "The root of the topic strategy was not only winning keywords,