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Determine quality, or the many ways to t... > The Creating Valuable Content Checkl... - Pg. 79

62 CONTENT STRATEGY AT WORK analytics, sections, metadata, content sources, and the age or date of content. They might look like this: Remove or remerchandise any pages with fewer than 10 page views last week Remove any content last updated more than three months ago Review all content that refers to our upcoming release Archive any content that refers to platforms we no longer support Before you write an automated script to take no prisoners--and make few friends--take heed. He offers that guidance with a word of caution. "Note that the quality of this data can be highly suspect, so carefully confirm that the data you are relying upon is reasonable." Do the analytics tell the full story, or do legal requirements mandate content even if no one ever visits those pages? Can you really trust the "last modified date" on a page or are there more reliable ways by which to judge currency? He goes on to describe other attributes to use in measuring quality, some of which I've included here. While David asks these questions in the context of a content migration, you can also apply them when estimating scope in the