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70 CONTENT STRATEGY AT WORK develop a good relationship and stress that the web is an ever-evolving thing and we need to consistently help it grow," Aaron noted. In some organizations, the auditing process is the impetus to shift thinking from "the web is a project, finish it and move on" to the web is an asset that requires ongoing care and feeding. HIRE AND ORGANIZE FOR GOVERNANCE In the presentation and ebook The Digital Deca, web governance consultant Lisa Welchman writes about this shift. 16 She calls for 10 significant changes in how businesses embrace and engage the web. If you read between the lines in a few of those edicts, you'll see how content strategy can help you help your clients create this vision of the future. And this isn't glittering, visionary stuff; in this case, content strategy processes will offer concrete tasks you can plan, schedule, and manage to ensure previously vague goals actually get done. " In a digitally transforming business environment, bold leadership is vital," Lisa writes. "Collaboration must be enabled from the top of the organization.