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How does message architecture drive the ... > Quick and dirty: establish a message... - Pg. 51

34 CONTENT STRATEGY AT WORK As with the first step, only jump into the process if it seems to be suffering or slowing down. You're there to ensure the exercise moves along, but realize it will also pull itself along at its own pace. Don't belabor this step; after just a few minutes the participants will thin out their "current state" column and will likely have a pretty dense "future state" column. Step three: prioritize and close Now focus just on the "we'd like to be" column, and sweep the other cards from the table so that participants can play with proximity and space to explain relationships. Ask the participants to check out what's left on the table. If they're comfortable with what's there, remind them that to do an effective job of communicating, we have to make tough choices about how we focus our attention--after all, that's how their target audience will eventually focus their attention. Time to make the tough strategic choices; later, you'll be able to ground tactical choices, like what really deserves homepage real estate, on these decisions. As you well know, all Not everything can be top priority, so ask them to rank the attributes or groups