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Know your story to tell it well > From audit to action - Pg. 99

82 CONTENT STRATEGY AT WORK commoditization or confusion in new markets. If you're a content creator, what does that mean to you? If a company updates its message architecture to rebrand and change how it communicates, you'll see repercussions in its style guidelines, choice of content types, and selection of themes in an editorial calendar. They'll tell the story in a different way, downplaying themes that were previously important--that's similar to the changes in messaging that affected Icebreaker. Icebreaker's messaging flowchart reflects a content strategy with deeper roots. When Jeremy Moon launched the company, he embraced both content and product. Harvard Business School professor Joseph Lassiter describes the founder's vision: "Of his first $200,000 in seed financing, he spends a $100,000 creating a `brand blueprint,' an architecture for what the brand needs to look like some day to exploit this advantage in natural fiber." 4 The brand blueprint specified, at a high level, how content needed to build through different customer touchpoints. As this story evolved to meet new market challenges, the company needed to confront new questions. How did Icebreaker need to amplify and taper parts of