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Pulling it all together with consistency... > Taking it further: designing for use... - Pg. 58

D E S I G N I N G C O H E S I v E E x P E R I E N C E S : I N T R O D U C I N G C O N T E N T S T R A T E G Y T O D E S I G N 41 Notice the longer sentences and details that describe a life of wholesome leisure, from a "career milestone," not just a promotion, to "a game of squash," not basketball or boxing, which the Harvard Club also offers. TAKING IT FURTHER: DESIGNING FOR USER-GENERATED CONTENT It's easy to see how a single message architecture drives the design and content strategy of the Harvard Club's website. It incorporates traditional, common content types that don't challenge the design templates with irregularity or surprises. But surprises, variety, and empty spaces where the audience expects copy-- these are the challenges you embrace when you design experiences that incorporate user-generated content. Users might leave fields blank, fill them with obscenities, or fill them with obscenities they've carefully spaced out to avoid automated comment moderation. (Who devotes that kind of time and creativity to article comments anyhow?) Some users draft detailed biographies for their profile pages, threatening character limits and patience, while others give us the silent treatment. It gets more interesting when we get