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Traits of a Jackass Manager: A How-Not-T... > The Manager Who Fails to Give Credit... - Pg. 9

9 The Manager Who Fails to Give Credit When Credit Is Due Nothing is more deflating, disappointing, or demotivating than having a supervisor ignore or overlook an achievement. A sincere "Job well done" or "Thank you" goes a long way. A note or brief memo from the supervisor expressing appreciation for a task well done is valued by employees. Even a desk-side or hallway expression of thanks means a great deal. Thoughtlessness can be perceived as disinterest or dissatisfaction on the supervisor's part. Interestingly, the supervisor who appears to be blind to achievement more often than not is the same supervisor who easily recognizes mistakes. Slow to praise, quick to criticize. Everyone can spot this "jackass trait" a mile away. People expect praise and recognition when it is earned and accept constructive criticism when it is due.