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5.3.3 Basic Security in Mobility Support... > Basic Security in Mobility Support f... - Pg. 109

CHAPTER 5 Mobile Wireless Network Security 109 SA Old FA Old foreign network HA MN Tu n ne l HA MN New FA Old foreign network SA FA SA FIGURE 5-8 Model of security of mobility support in IPv4: On a mandatory basis, the HA shares a SA with the MN (top diamond). On an optional basis, the MN and FA can share a SA (bottom right diamond). The HA and FA may share a SA (bottom left diamond). A given pair of entities may share several instances of a SA. FIGURE 5-7 Loss of in-flight packets during a handoff. as a radio channel, but are unused. A smooth mobile IPv4 and mobility support in IPv6. The focus is on control messages related to mobil- ity support. Data traffic messages can be secured