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Index - Pg. 461

Index A About This Mac, 3­4 access. See also authentication; authorization ACLs controlling. See ACLs (access control lists) Apache log for, 399­400 concurrent, 374 Edit Access to Services for, 122 to file sharing services, 332­333 in folder hierarchies, 350­353 guest. See guest access in iCal, 422­428 by local user accounts, 93­95 monitor only, 131­133 in NetBoot, 303 to Open Directory log files, 233­234 SACLs for. See SACLs (service access control lists) Service Access window for, 196, 201­202 ACLs (access control lists). See also file-system ACLs (access control lists); SACLs (service access control lists) complex permissions in, 341­342 File Sharing pane for, 337­339 generally, 336 globally unique IDs in, 337 group IDs in, 336 group membership in, 346 inheritance in, 343­345 multiple groups in, 346 nested groups in, 346 optional, 333­334 permissions and, 334­335 portability of, 345 POSIX permissions vs., 347 propagating permissions in, 345 share points and, 320, 329