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17. Posing Chart > Featuring Her - Pg. 240

featurinG her 17.75 Expression: Here is a great example of how important it is to specifically pose the eyes. This photo has everything going for it. The bride's expression is not perfect, but overall it is quite good. Now, bring your attention to the groom's expression, particularly his eyes. They are wandering off to nowhere. This little detail renders an otherwise beautiful photo useless. 17.76 Heads: The groom's head is now too far away from the bride. There is no reason why his head should be there. If he were trying to kiss her, he would be much closer. In other words, now his head and eyes are lost in space, not to mention that much of her hair is on his face. These are details that need to be taken care of when doing a shoot. 17.75 the groom's expression makes this image Train your eye to notice these details, useless. so you can do something about them when they are happening, instead of coming back from the shoot only to wish you had noticed the hair. Otherwise, the expression on the bride is quite glamorous, mainly because her lips are slightly parted while she is looking at the camera. 17.76 the groom's head is too far away from the bride's, and her hair is too much in his face. 240 P iC t u r e P e r f eC t Pr aC t iC e