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Imagery and Graphics > 221: Thou shall not run detailed images across the gutte... - Pg. 241

v&*% Thou shall not run detailed images across the gutter Commentary A full-bleed image run across a spread in a book or magazine creates great visual impact and some pictures cry out to be used as large as possible. Magnifcent landscapes or architectural shots can work really well, especially when they're overlaid with a strong typographic headline to open an article or chapter. Take care though, as it's easy to forget one vital detail--the gutter. When we design spreads we normally work "spread to view" so we can see left and right pages side-by- side. On a fat computer screen we tend to overlook the importance of the gutter because it's represented only by a fne rule, but in a bound magazine or book much of the viewable page immediately adjacent to the gutter can disappear into the spine. Images like those impressive landscapes can usually absorb this, but the cardinal sin is to chop through someone's face while positioning a portrait across a gutter. Don't cut off someone's nose to spite their face. Take care to ensure that gutters only pass through neutral image space. TS 240 Imagery and Graphics