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4. Creating and Sharing Carousels > The Case for Multiple Carousels - Pg. 33

4. Creating and Sharing Carousels Having all your photos accessible from a single carousel is actually pretty cool and might even be enough for some people. That said, as you start to use Carousel, you will likely start to think of other ways you can use the tools at your disposal for creating additional carousels and even sharing a carousel with certain friends and family members. This opens up new worlds of possibilities. The Case for Multiple Carousels Let's say your first catalog is one in which you put all of your important photos. That one is your baby and you don't want anyone else to be able to edit or delete those photos. Might there be events or vacations that you share with a mix of friends and family? And, might you want to be able to create a collection of photos from the occasion, and be able to share them and even edit them together? Perhaps. How about an example? Every summer for the last 13 years my family has ventured off to the green hills of Vermont with the same group of friends for a week of fun and relaxation. Every year we have a deluge of photos taken by everyone over the course of the week. This is usually followed by some of them being passed around via email, others going on Facebook, some are here, and some are there. I'm usually the worst and end up sitting on them until we are back together the following year. How cool would it be if we all had Carousel and if one person created a new carousel just for that year's photos and gave each of the other families access to that carousel via the sharing mechanism in Carousel? That would change everything for us. Now we could all individually upload our own sets of photos and at the same time be able to view, edit, and download everyone else's photos all from that same carousel. I can't wait to try it next summer! It doesn't have to be that complicated, though. How about just a way to share your last set of vacation photos with the grandparents? How about a way to share the wedding photos you took with the newlyweds? You can define the reason and the group any way that works for you, but you need to keep in mind that whoever you share a carousel with will have the same level of control for adding new photos, editing existing photos, and even deleting photos as you do. When I spoke to the Carousel team at Adobe about this, they liked to use the phrase "trusted partner" when speaking of who you would share a carousel with, and I hope you can see why. Within a single Carousel subscription you can create up to five different carousels, and within each carousel you have the choice to keep it to yourself or share it with up to five other people. Creating Additional Carousels You can create a new carousel from any of your devices in the same steps: 1. Launch Carousel. 2. Click or tap the Settings icon to open the Settings menu (Figure 4.1). Figure 4.1 The Settings menu.